Finding the perfect TV is about bringing your home entertainment vision to life. We think the search should be an enjoyable one, not a struggle with technical details. So start your journey right with our overview of the main TV features to consider.

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    • Where do I get suitable content for 4K television?
      • Streaming/ Internet: There are a lot of 4K content providers like YouTube, Netflix & many movies are releasing the 4k versions.
      • 4K Gaming: PS4 pro, Xbox One S the newest batch of Gaming Consoles support 4K gaming, this makes the gaming experience much more enriching.
      • Create your own 4K content: Even though most of the content available for TV entertainment is in 1080P, 4K TV’s are equipped with technology that can upscale the existing 1080P content to 4K using advanced chipset technologies.
      • Service Providers: 4K Cable & satellite providers like “OSN” in KSA & UAE are launching the 4K services this year.
      • Create your own 4K content New Mobile phone cameras, DSLR’s, Action cameras are equipped with technology that can create 4K content. So during the next holiday capture your memories in 4K.
    • Is my present TV connection suitable for 4K TV?
      • Even though most of the content available for TV entertainment is in 1080P, 4K TV’s are equipped with technology that can upscale the existing 1080P content to 4K using advanced chipset technologies.
      • Learn More about 4K TV

        4K TV. UHD TV. Ultra HD TV. Ultra High-Definition TV. 4K Ultra HD TV. 4K UHD TV. It can get confusing, but they're actually all the same thing. Within this guide, we'll mostly be using "4K Ultra HD TV" and "4K TV," but keep in mind there isn't a set term that all manufacturers are using. 4K TVs display 4K content at 3,840 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels tall. That’s over eight million pixels per image, whereas 1080P TVs have over two million pixels.

65" or Larger

TVs in this class are great for media rooms if you're looking for a completely immersive experience for watching movies, sports.

50"–64" class

TV’s this size creates a visual impact within your living space, most preferred for big living rooms.

33"–49" class

The Most versatile size that can be used in any room be it a guest room or a bedroom. The best fit for an average sized room.

32" class and smaller

A great size for Children bedrooms, dorms, kitchens and casual viewing areas.

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The most widely available and popularly known as LED HDTV is basically an LCD TV that uses a LED backlight. The TV’s are light, energy efficient, have slim bodies and the ability to make produce bright images. These are the perfect upgrade for the outdated LCD TV’s.

Plasma :

Plasma televisions are known for delivering excellent Rich color contrast while getting bright, these were the first Flat TV panels in the market.At present they are very few plasma models & if you own a Plasma TV consider upgrading it with an OLED TV with no compromise on performance.


OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) represents the cutting edge of display technology. Unlike LCD Displays which require backlighting, OLED displays don’t require backlighting thus OLED displays can be made very thin, and they’re lightweight and energy efficient.

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TV Manufactures use Smart TV to describe the connectivity features of the TV & there are different types of being SMART

  • Basic Streaming
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Internet Speed
  • Advanced Operations

Basic Streaming

The basic smart function is the ability to connect to your home’s WIFI for streaming media content. Stream supporting devices can be internal or external.

Graphic User Interface (GUI)

TV’s in addition to streaming, which can aggregate content from Internet & Apps to make viewing experience better fall under this class. TV’s can interact with smart devices like Phones & laptops for sharing content.

Internet Speed

Even with a smart TV or smart device, the speed of your Internet network is going to be crucial for streaming HD movies and videos. So for the best performance, we recommend:

  • A wireless-N router or wireless-N plus router
  • At least 5Mbps download speed when using a single device or at least 25 mbps for 4K streaming content.

Advanced Operations

Smart TV’s in addition to the GUI having features like gesture control, facial recognition, built in camera for video chatting, Voice controls that helps in controlling TV fall under this category.

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    • What can I watch on my Smart TV?
      • You can watch TV programmes from catch up services, as well as movie streaming options through devices like Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Different brands have different apps available on their Smart TVs, so check before you buy.You can also access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube for video sharing, plus a whole host of other lifestyle and news apps. Certain TVs also support Skype, which requires a webcam.

HDMI’s are becoming preferred I/O terminals for high-quality content exchange between two devices. HDMI carries both the picture and sound over one cable, which means your home theater setup can be much simpler and cleaner. For the best possible performance, make sure to purchase a high-speed HDMI cable. More expensive cables are made of higher-quality materials and come with a higher data transfer speed rating measured in Gigabits per Second (Gbps). This allows more bandwidth for streaming 4K Ultra HD & HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and helps to ensure signal purity.

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